For the majority of HR professionals there are few opportunities to gain experience of line management responsibility, and so there is a risk of failing to develop fully the commercial skills needed to truly add value and build credibility as a business partner.

commercial hr provides the only business skills training we are aware of that is aimed specifically at HR professionals. We run public and in-house workshops based around our ‘credibility model’ of competencies. See how you rate - try our quick self-assessment (Word format).

Use the links on this page to check out the details and dates of the public workshops. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about our in-house services, to support the transformation of your HR team.

We provide personalised assessment and coaching services, designed to support your professional development. It provides hands-on support on a regular basis as you apply commercial hr solutions in your organisation. For a free, confidential and no-obligation discussion about this service, please call us or send an email and we will call you.

Occasionally we organise short seminars on issues of topical interest to HR professionals. Recent examples include “Measuring HR” and “The Future Profile of an HR Executive”. Check back often to see the latest events, or register for our regular newsletter by sending an email to